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    We are an affordable cloud based Healthcare Supply Chain Management solution. We streamline purchasing using our multi-vendor Marketplace and real time analytics Dashboard.
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We Specialize In Simple|Customizable|Flexible|Easy Software Solutions

Sterling HL's ACXSS is a comprehensive supply chain management software package designed to meet the specific needs of health systems and physician offices. Easily manage orders for multiple vendors made from multiple office locations with our user friendly administrative console. Get an instant snapshot of your organization with our spend management dashboard. Learn the entire order life cycle with our three way matching. From industry best reporting to multi-level permission and approval structures, complete oversight is at your fingertips.

Beyond the software, the employees of Sterling HL strive to perform our duties at the highest possible level. Our mission and values drive our performance and permeate our every action. We've helped leading healthcare networks improve their financial health and operational performance, with considerable savings. We can help you too. Contact us to learn how.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

ACXSS is changing the rules to create a positive impact in healthcare supply chains with constant innovation and a win-win solution for the industry.

Why choose Us?

Our Goal.To enhance your supply chain.

We don't just provide the software; we work in tandem with the client so that they utilize our host of resources. We identify savings opportunities and reduce supply-chain costs by an average of 10-30%.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Enhance operational efficiencies.

A supply chain management software for healthcare systems to manage and optimize procurement across all facilities.

ACXSS: an Intelligent, Efficient and Modern Solution

Our Valued Customers
Are in the HealthCare Industry; Health Systems, Clinics, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Accountable Care Organizations, Management Services Organizations and Independent Physicians.
ACXSS Marketplace
Is an affordable cloud based supply chain solution that streamlines the purchasing process by utilizing our intelligent single source multi-vendor Marketplace.
ACXSS Dashboard
Provides real time analytics with enterprise to line item detail and reporting that tracks purchases from clinics, individual departments and employees providing complete and instant oversight into your organization.
Why Choose Us
For over 20 years, Sterling has been focused on healthcare supply chain. Our Software continues to evolve through existing customers. The collective knowledge of our experienced team and constant advancements of features and functions in the ACXSS software is an essential part of SHL’s strategy.


Sterling will help your organizations supply chain manage multiple vendors and build a customized program to help you.

The supply chain challenges in healthcare need a technology solution. The healthcare environment is changing faster than ever before and slow adoption rates towards new models is hurting healthcare systems. ACXSS is your source of truth to potentially grow your business.

ACXSS by Sterling technology and our intuitive training allows for simple, consistent and immediate integration into the supply chain process.Our comprehensive program leverages experience, relationships, contracts and technology to help your organization exceed its financial and operational goals.


Simplified ordering process, easy integration, affordable.

The ACXSS Marketplace, powered by Sterling provides a simple cloud based ordering solution for your practice. By working with all manufactures, distributors and service providers, our members receive valuable discounts on products and services with aggregated spend.

ACXSS manages a robust offering of vaccines from all top brand manufacturers for your practice. We provide a complete line of negotiated contracts from the top vendors for Medical/Surgical, Laboratory, Dental and Office supplies. ACXSS manages the contracts for all of your practice's pharmaceutical needs.

ACXSS acts as your practice's negotiator for all of your capital equipment needs, including Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Imaging, Office equipment, and more. Waste management is a costly requirement for every practice, we negotiate with all service providers to give you the best solution. Let ACXSS assist you with our contracted discounts, which include; cell phone plans, technology products, freight management and more.