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Order Supplies

Ordering supplies for your facility through a customized Marketplace has never been easier. Find all your supplies in ONE website with multiple search functions and viewable images for ultimate certainty.

Approval Request

ACXSS ensures all orders are placed accurately for each facility and organization. Our requestor approval process allows for multiple approvers that range in established dollar amounts for ultimate oversight.

P.O. Created

When an order is placed and approved, your order will be sent to each vendor to distribute. A copy of your order is always available in the Marketplace and Dashboard for easy tracking.

Receive Orders

For ultimate clarification and visibility, you can manage how many items you receive, and update orders and inventory in real-time in your Marketplace.

Invoice Created

It gets easier, all items in an order that are marked approved to pay, an invoice is then created and sent to your accounting department to be reviewed and paid.

Easy Pay

Final step, pay the bill! After the invoice is created, it is put directly into your ACXSS Dashboard. From here, your accounting department can pay the approved invoices directly with your vendors.