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Having A Hard Time Organizing Your Purchase Orders? ACXSS enhances the purchase order life cycle. The team behind ACXSS understands the difficulties of organizing your purchase orders with multiple vendors and have developed the ultimate solution to help you place orders quickly and get an instant oversight of your organization, just a click away. "ACXSS: AN INTELLIGENT, EFFICIENT AND MODERN SOLUTION." ACXSS is an affordable cloud-based supply chain management solution that streamlines the purchasing process by utilizing our intelligent single source multi-vendor Marketplace and Dashboard. Our comprehensive solution leverages experience, relationships, contracts, and technology to help your organization achieve it's financial and operational goals. Based on your organization, we will build a customized and branded Marketplace for all of your facilities to order from.
Key Features
  • Image 1Instant oversight of your entire organization
  • Image 1Easy implementation & scalable
  • Image 1Simplify the ordering process
  • Image 1Enhances user experience
  • Image 1Master item file & catalog management
  • Image 1Purchase order lifecycle snapshot
  • Image 1Improve efficiency & compliance
  • Image 1Integrate with Legacy Systems
  • Image 1Links to all vendor partners
We Specialize in
  • Image 1Affordable
  • Image 2Customizable
  • Image 3Uncomplicated
  • Image 4Innovative
  • Image 5Software Solutions
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How We Work

We Provide and Listen

01 Choose Your Formulary We work with you and your vendors to create a master item file to load into your marketplace.
02 Facilities & Users Create a user structure for each facility, complete with requestors and approvers if desired.
03 Start Placing Orders! That's it! It is just that simple. From here your facilities can order and those orders will be routed to the appropriate vendors.
04 Get The Support You Need We have a supportive team to help you with any issues or concerns you may have, even after implementation.