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Supply Chain Management Consulting Services ACXSS provides innovative supply chain management consulting services and solutions that utilize our proprietary technology to reduce costs and maximize operational efficiencies. We are standardizing the supply chain process.
  • Image 1 Contract Alignment & Management
  • Image 1 Products, Pricing & Process Standardization
  • Image 1 Compliance between Contracts, Vendors, Distributors & Technology
  • Image 1 Maximization of Pricing Agreements
  • Image 1 Proactive Savings Opportunity Identification
  • Image 1 Consolidation Opportunity Reporting
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Contract Management & Alignment Our specialists work with your distributors, vendors, and manufacturers to ensure contract alignment verification, validation, and eligibility. It is important that every part of the supply chain from the contracts to the vendors is aligned and connected and ACXSS can do all of that for your organization.
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Supply Chain ACXSS's supply chain optimization solutions provide analytical tools to help manage supply costs by evaluating such metrics as contract compliance and utilization
Data Analytics The Real time data, reporting, details and analytics are unlimited and provide actionable data for complete oversight of your entire organization all in one place anywhere at anytime with an internet connection.
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Management Tools The ACXSS Dashboard allows your organization to track your overall enterprise spend from purchase order down to line item. Look at KPIs that are material to managing your organization. Manage your employees’ roles and set up entire hierarchy approval processes all in one place.