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P.O. Created
  • Image 1 When an order is placed and approved in the Marketplace, your order will be sent to each vendor to distribute.
  • Image 1 Upon review and approval of an order, a Purchase Order is generated with all the relevant information including the user that placed the order, the date the order was placed, the Ship To address, each item on the order, and the PO number which is unique to each vendor.
  • Image 1 A copy of your order is always available in the ACXSS Marketplace and Dashboard for easy tracking.
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Goods Received
  • Image 1 For ultimate accuracy and visibility, you can manage how many items you receive and update orders and inventory in real-time in the ACXSS Marketplace.
  • Image 1 Once the goods have been delivered to their location, the user that received them will log into the ACXSS App and confirm that the items have been received by checking Goods Received.
  • Image 1 This will automatically update the inventory for the location in which the order was placed.
Procure To Pay
  • Image 1 Our Procure-To-Pay process allows you to efficiently manage the entire purchase order life cycle.
  • Image 1 Procure-To-Pay is crucial for managing spend, optimizing procurement, improving supplier relationships, and enhancing the financial management of your organization.
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Budget Tool
  • Image 1 The Budget Tool is essential to help you keep your costs under control.
  • Image 1 Create, manage, and track your budgets in the ACXSS Dashboard to meet your organization’s financial goals within a defined period of time.
  • Image 1 Take control of your finances; set budget goals based on your organization’s purchases and always know how much you are spending.
Inventory Management
  • Image 1 ACXSS enhances your supply chain process by allowing you to track the entire lifecycle of your organization’s inventory in real-time.
  • Image 1 Set par levels by item by location to maintain the balance between having enough stock to meet customer demand and preventing overstock.
  • Image 1 Effective inventory management helps your businesses reduce carrying costs, prevent stockouts, and maintain the proper amount of inventory for each location.
  • Image 1 ACXSS Inventory Management uses inventory tracking and real-time analytics to optimize the inventory levels of your business.
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Real-Time Dashboard
  • Image 1 The ACXSS Dashboard provides instant oversight into your entire organization with real-time analytics, reporting, and true spend visibility.
  • Image 1 You can monitor your organization's overall spending trends with daily snapshots of your data. This includes graphs of enterprise level spend broken down by category, vendor, number of orders, order size and service contract spend. Each report is continuously updated in real time as new data flows in.
  • Image 1 Use this data to see instant oversight of your entire organizations spend in real-time, improve operational efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.
  • Image 1 ACXSS Pay is our embedded AI driven fully automated Payable Automation Solution.
  • Image 1 Complete the entire purchase order life cycle using ACXSS Pay with our Automated Invoice and Payment Reconciliation.
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    Invoice Automation:
    • Image 1 Invoice receipt & Intelligent capture
    • Image 1 3-Way Match
    • Image 1 Exception resolution
    • Image 1 Automated Approvals
  • Image 1
    Payment Automation:
    • Image 1 Funding determination
    • Image 1 Approval workflows
    • Image 1 Payment routing
    • Image 1 Reconciliation & Reporting
    • Image 1 Bank integrations
    • Image 1 Vendor Management
  • Image 1 Once the order is placed, goods received and invoices 3-way matched using our integrated ACXSS AI, they are then dropped into the accounts payable section.
  • Image 1 From here, your accounting department can pay the approved invoices from your vendors directly from ACXSS.
  • Image 1 You can also keep track of other products and service invoices and have them paid through ACXSS Pay as well.
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Purchase Services Purchase Services are more than 50% of an organizations spend even more than what is spent on medical, surgical supplies and capital equipment. ACXSS has built a completely integrated purchase services solution embedded within the ACXSS application to manage all your purchase services including contracts, leases, rents, vehicles, service agreements and more.
  • Image 1 Manage all your purchase services spend in one place..
  • Image 1 Reduce costly redundancies by removing costly additional applications.
  • Image 1 Service contracts tracking and expiration will provide cost savings insights for your organization.
  • Image 1 Gain oversight into your purchase services spend in real time.