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  • Image 1 The ACXSS App is an easy-to-use Cloud based application, multi-vendor ordering platform for multiple users and locations. Ordering supplies or services for your facility has never been easier.
  • Image 1 Our integrated custom application connects you to all your vendors, allowing your organization to purchase a wide range of supplies and products and services all in one spot.
  • Image 1 You provide ACXSS your vendors, formulary, and the products and services that you want to see and ACXSS loads all of this information into your ACXSS Marketplace.
  • Image 1 Find all your approved vendors, supplies and services all in one place with viewable images for ultimate certainty.
  • Image 1 Ordering supplies and services through the ACXSS Marketplace offers several advantages, including access to a wide range of products and services from your contracted suppliers as well as convenience and efficiency.
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  • Image 1 The ACXSS requestor/approver process guarantees that all orders are placed accurately for each facility and organization.
  • Image 1 The requestor, or user, initiates a purchase request, and the approver reviews and approves or declines the request before the order is placed.
  • Image 1 Our requestor/approver process allows for multiple approvers that range in established dollar amounts to ensure proper authorization and control over purchasing activities.
  • Image 1 Administration can set specific approval thresholds for orders by user, spend, and location.
  • Image 1 This process helps organizations maintain accountability, ensure compliance with procurement policies, and prevent unauthorized or unnecessary purchases.
  • Image 1 Breakdown of the process: Requestor (or user) initiates purchase request > Request details are provided > Approver reviews the request > Approves or declines request > Order placement > Order fulfillment and receipt > Invoicing and payment.
3-Way Match
  • Image 1 It gets easier! For all items on an order that are marked as received, it automatically is 3-Way Matched with the invoice from the vendor and sent to your accounting department, accounting system or ERP to be reviewed and paid.
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Analytics And Reporting
  • Image 1 Analytics and reporting are critical components of a business spend management platform. ACXSS lets you analyze and report on spend data in a way that is tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of your organization.
  • Image 1 We offer customized reporting which allows for real-time spend visibility across all locations with enterprise to line-item detail.
  • Image 1 Generate reports that are relevant to your business needs. Gain insight into your organization’s spend by category, item, site, user, and vendor.
  • Image 1 On the ACXSS Dashboard, you will be able to analyze spend patterns, spend trends, and identify cost-saving opportunities for your organization.
  • Image 1 Our analytics and reporting tools optimize the procurement process, ensure compliance, and help your organization achieve its operational and financial goals.
Smart Inventory
  • Image 1 ACXSS Smart Inventory tool enhances your supply chain process by establishing a rules-based inventory management system.
  • Image 1 The system collects, analyzes, and utilizes real-time data on inventory levels, allowing you to track the entire inventory of your organization.
  • Image 1 It improves order accuracy, reduces manual errors, and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring that the right products are available at the right time.
  • Image 1 Smart Inventory can help your organization achieve better visibility, accuracy, and efficiency, while improving overall supply chain efficiency.
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Spend Management
  • Image 1 Unify business processes and gain visibility into your organization's overall spend activities to achieve your strategic goals, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with ACXSS Spend Management.
  • Image 1 ACXSS allows you to easily manage and keep track of all aspects of your organization's spending, including procurement, purchasing, contract management, and invoice processing.
Financial Integration
  • Image 1 ACXSS connects and aligns financial systems, processes, and data across your organization to achieve greater visibility, efficiency, and control over your organization’s financial operations.
  • Image 1 ACXSS can integrate with your preferred legacy systems as well as your Accounting or ERP systems.
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