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Product ACXSS provides innovative supply chain consulting services and solutions that utilizes our proprietary technology to reduce costs and maximize operational efficiencies. We are standardizing the supply chain process.
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  • Image 1 The ACXSS App has a fully integrated API that provides:
  • Image 1 Real Time price Updates
  • Image 1Inventory Updates
  • Image 1 Back Order Notifications
  • Image 1 Continuous Order Updates
  • Image 1 Canceled Order Notifications
  • Image 1 Allocation Status
  • Image 1Security and availability are ACXSS’ top priority for our customers. We have a 99.99% uptime on the ACXSS app.
  • Image 1 ACXSS is hosted in multiple data centers throughout the country making the ACXSS App secure and available 24/7.
  • Image 1 Since the entire ACXSS app, infrastructure, back up and security are all managed by ACXSS this should alleviate some of the burden on your IT team for supporting this type of application.
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